The titanium black ceramic material consists of a series of non-stoichiometric titanium oxide which called Magneli phase. Its general formula can be expressed as TinO2n-1(4≤n≤10) and principal crystalline phase is Ti4O7. Titanium black as a kind of ceramic material, it not only has the characteristics of high hardness, high melting point, corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties etc which ceramic materials have, but also has unique chemical and physical properties that other ceramic materials do not have. It's a very excellent new material.

The titanium black ceramic material has the following prominent characteristics:

      1. High electrical conductivity, similar to metal: Among them, the Ti4O7 phase, its single crystal conductivity can reach 1500 S/cm and its coating’s conductivity is better than graphite material’s in practical application.

      2. Excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance: It has high stability in strong acids (H2SO4, HNO3, HCl even HF) and strong base solutions. For example, its semi-corrosion cycle can reach 50 years in 4mol/L of sulfuric acid at room temperature. It is the best chemical resistance conductive material.

      3. Unique electrochemical property: After hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution, its electric potential is high, electrochemistry is stable and working potential window is very wide. This exceeds all common electrode materials. For example, in 1mol/L of sulfuric acid at room temperature, the difference between oxygen evolution potential and hydrogen evolution potential of the titanium black electrode is nearly 4. 0 V. This let it have good application prospect in area of positive and negative electrode, Electrocatalytic carrier and advanced oxidation process(AOPs). As the electrode matrix material, it can be electroplated, chemical deposition or coated various metal oxide or precious metal catalysts. And the chemical bonding with these catalysts is good. The catalytic activity is almost constant and the effect is excellent.

      4. Microwave absorption property: The titanium black have strong microwave absorption property under temperature of 800 ℃. This property is better than silicon carbide material’s. It is a new kind of microwave auxiliary heating material and microwave waveguide material.


      Titanium black is a kind of new energy-saving and high efficiency environmental protection electrode coating material. All kinds of electrode coatings which made by our plasma spraying technology, have been successfully applied in many fields of environmental protection and energy conservation, resource recycling and remanufacturing.

      1. Environmental protection water treatment field: After oxygen evolution, titanium black coating ‘s electric potential is high, it is good for anodic oxidation reaction. It can be widely used in electrochemical oxidation catalysis to degrade organic pollutants and waste leachate, electro-catalytic oxidation treatment of phenol wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, oil field waste water, hospital sewage and water desalination, electrolysis of water disinfection.

      2. Electrometallurgy electroplating field: As electrode coating, it will not be passivated and corroded at the condition of high current density and high acidity. It is better than graphite and titanium electrode, corrosion resistant and wear resistant. Electrode size is stable. It can be used in wet metallurgy, electroplating, precious metal recovery, electrolytic manganese oxide, metal foil production and printed circuit board etching solution treatment and reuse.

      3. Battery: lead-acid battery, fuel cell and other new battery electrode protection coating.

      4. Microwave heater: infrared and microwave heat black body coating.

Coating material:

Titanium black  Ti4O7